Okay, I’m really, really going to try to make this work.  Journals are not my thing, I can never seem to finish a journal.  SO this is the start of something new for me.  Since this is my weakness (one of my many) I’m turning it over to the Lord to help me.  I need to write this stuff, even if I think it’s mundane or stupid, but I need to write it not only for me to recognize how blessed I am but so that Benjamin and my other children can know how much I love them and their father.

Since having Benjamin, my priorities have changed drastically.  With not having to work full-time or at all for that matter, I am able to watch him grow and develop.  It has been so much fun keeping the house together, doing meals, feeding Benjamin, preparing for my 8 Activity Day girls every week, and all the other things that pop up at the last-minute.  Sometimes it’s stressful, very stressful, but when I get a chance to reflect during the day or week I feel so happy and fulfilled!

Last Friday and Saturday and today, Jared has had to work ALL day.  It’s 1:15am and he’s still not home.  I’ve had to do quite a few things on my own that he would normally do.  Benjamin has seen very little of him and I think that’s the hardest for me.  Three out of the past four nights he’s gone to bed without seeing his daddy all day.  WIth our third anniversary coming up tomorrow, I realize how grateful I am for him and his hard work for this family.  He is an amazing man.  Wonderful husband and an even more wonderful father.

Anyway, it’s getting difficult for me to keep my eyes open so I’m going to say goodnight.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this journal will make it 🙂 .


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