3 Years of Marriage

Today was our three-year anniversary!  We didn’t do much, pretty much because it’s a Tuesday and Jared had work.  But we did get Jared’s mom to babysit while we went out to dinner.  Jared was so great to get us a table at this new restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel called “PRIME”.  It was a wonderful steakhouse.  I had the rosemary chicken with broccoli and a pea/shallot sauce.  Jared had the lamb with carmelized onions and tomatoes.  We shared a plate of radishes and goat cheese and a steamed shrimp salad.  But all that didn’t compare to where we were sitting.  We got a window seat overlooking the fountains and Paris Hotel across the street.

Four years ago we had our first date together at the fountains.  We had our first kiss that night and I knew I was going to marry him that night.

For our first year anniversary we went to Paris, France.

So in a way this combined those two and made for a good memory!


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