Happy 2009 !!!

Jacob started off the new year with his first bath.  They never had time to give him a bath with all of the chaos of drawing blood, getting him oxygen, and everything else.  He had been wiped off, but you could still see bits of dried blood on his forehead and his hands still had vernix on them.  It was hard to watch them wash him up while he was already so vulnerable, but he smelled so good afterward 🙂 .  I think I held him for an hour straight after that.

We had a very quite New Years Eve.  The three kids were having a party and sleeping over at Nana’s and Papa’s.  Jared made it back to the hospital around 11:00 pm, just in time to make it over to the NICU.  We were actually walking through the halls when the clock struck midnight, but we were able to spend a lot of time with Jacob- Jared even brought a couple balloons to tie to his bed!

As far as Jacob’s status, he’s responding well to the oxygen.  His doctor is hoping to start weaning him off the oxygen to see if it trained his lungs how to work properly.  Also, his first 24 hour blood culture came back negative.  We should get the next one back later this evening.  We just continue to pray that his condition improves and that he’ll be able to come home with me when I’m discharged.  I would really hate to have to leave him here alone and go home without him.

A special thank you to all those praying for his safe and speedy recovery!


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