Little Mothers and Fathers


We were able to come home late this afternoon.  Jared and the kids came to pick us up which was quite an ordeal in itself, but it was fun driving home with a full car load!

It was so nice to get home and see the house almost exactly the way that I had left it.  The house was nice and clean and my bed looked so inviting.  After spending so much time in the hospital with their limp pillows and their stiff mattresses, anything else would have looked good.

We immediately got working on unpacking and setting things up for feeding and changing diapers.  I started asking the kids to grab things for me or for the baby and you should have seen them jump at the opportunity to help out.  This made the last month worth while.  You see, for the last month the kids have been fighting none stop.  It has been constant bickering and constant fighting with Jared and I about doing minor things around the house.  I started thinking that maybe we should try and postpone the delivery of baby #4 because the kids just weren’t ready for more change.  I’m so glad that whatever was going on with them ended almost the minute that the baby was born.

dscn1117It seems like we spend most of our time in mommy and daddy’s bed.  It’s where I set up shop for breast feeding and it’s easier on my incision being on the bed than down on the couch or in a chair.  Jacob and I still have a lot of practice on the feeding front before we’re really good at it.  He has to break a few bad habits before we get good enough to go out in public.

I absolutely love this picture.  This is what every mother of a new baby is hoping and praying for – that the other children will accept and love the new little baby!  If I’m not feeding the baby, the kids are holding him.  They each get to take turns,  but others are more interested in watching! 

dscn1116Benjamin and Emma are definitely more of the babysitting type right now.  Emma is constantly asking to do something to the baby (change diaper, feed him, hold him, burp him, etc).  Benjamin actually has great muscle and arm control.  He can hold the baby for quite some time before he gets tired.  I’m working with him on the proper way to hold the baby.  The kids just grab Jacob like he were a toy doll (sometimes that’s what he looks like).  Benjamin is now understanding that Jacob can’t do everything by himself like he can- part of being a baby is that he can’t hold his own head up and so Benjamin needs to hold that for him!


Joseph is very different from the older two.  He totally thinks Jacob is a toy.  I have to watch him very carefully because one minute he’ll want to hold and love on the baby and then without warning he’ll be done and go to put the baby down.  He absolutely loves his little brother though, you can see it in his enthusiasm!  When he saw the baby for the first time his response was, “Mine baby Jacob!  Mine, baby Jacob!”  I love that!  He thinks that Jacob is his, and in all fairness he is!

It gets hard for me to hold the baby because the kids are so adorable in the way that they ask to hold him.  Benjamin often asks me if there is anything that he can do to help me, while I can use the baby as bribery to get the others to do things for me that would normally elicit a tantrum.  What an adveneture we have ahead of us!  I can’t wait to get started.



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2 responses to “Little Mothers and Fathers

  1. how precious! the pictures of them are adorable!

  2. I’m so glad that you guys are home. I love how happy they look just holding him.

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