One Week Check-up

We had Jacob’s first of many doctor’s appointments this morning.  I was so nervous because I thought that he might have to get shots, but thankfully he doesn’t get any of those things until his two month visit, so we’ve got some time.

Basically all they did today was weigh him and measure him.  The doctor asked us a bunch of questions to get acquainted with Jacob and his birth.  Dr. C noticed that Jacob is still a little jaundice and just advised us to lay him on the bed with the sunlight shining on him a couple times a day and it should slowly disappear.

height: 19 inches   (3%)

weight: 5lbs. 6 oz.   (2%)

head: 31.5 cm   (1%)

Since I’m still not allowed to drive Jared had to take me and the baby- making it necessary to bring the whole clan with us.  Jacob was such a trooper, as were the other kids.  He barely even opened his eyes when everyone was poking and prodding him.  I guess the N.I.C.U. was good for something in the fact that he can sleep through EVERYTHING (even the kids screaming in the same room as him)!

I really like this new office of theirs though because it has toys and literally no waiting time.  We were in and out within half an hour.  How great is that 🙂 !



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2 responses to “One Week Check-up

  1. Im so sorry I havent called to check up on you and the family. I hope all is well. Im so excited for you and your family!!! Have you guys thought of a date for the blessing? Depending on the day we may be able to come down for it. Let us know so we can plan a little bit. I hope all is well and I cant wait to meet little Jacob!

    Love ya tons!


  2. Natalie

    Hi Brianna!!!
    Do you remember me? Natalie Bergquist? Congratulations!!! I’ve been keeping up w/ you from your blog since just before you moved back to Vegas. It’s so neat to see how things are. Aaron and I have a new addition: Porter Michael Bergquist. Check out my new blog

    Congrats to your beautiful family and tell Jared we said hi!

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