Little Babies vs. Big Babies

dscn1145I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures this morning of  the kids.  I absolutely love my kids!!!

This first picture is of my boys!  Well almost all of them, daddy was already at work.  Looking at this picture of them makes me wonder who Jacob will look like.  Will he look more like his daddy or will he be like the other boys and look more like me?

dscn1123This picture of Emma is so perfect!  I show you exactly how much she lights up when she helps me out with the baby.  She is truly turning out to be a beautiful little mama.

I remember the other day, when my mom came to the house for a visit, Emma was on the couch holding the baby (just like this picture) and them my mom started looking around for the baby.  She had actually thought that Jacob was a doll and not real!  Sometimes he feels like that to me just because of his size.  I have never had a small baby before.  A lot of women wish for the big, chubby babies but after having two very large boys all I wanted was a chance to have a small baby that I could hold and not have to pass off to Jared because I wasn’t strong enough to hold him.

dscn1125This last picture is Jacob laying on his Aunt Megan’s chest.  He just looks so incredibly small, and unbelievably scrumptious.  I just want to eat him up!  I love that little hat on him (something that neither Benjamin or Joseph could wear because of the size of their heads).  I love little babies!!!



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3 responses to “Little Babies vs. Big Babies

  1. he is too precious! your kids are so sweet to their little brother!

  2. elaine

    brianna, they are so beautiful! I’m glad you got a little baby to hold and cuddle and squeeze.

    You sound like you are doing great and enjoying every minute you can!

  3. Oh my goodness! He is so tiny and precious! I just love little babies too! I could hold a tiny baby every day of the week if someone would share once in a while!!

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