New Beds

 dscn06491Joseph is wanting to sleep in a big boy bed now.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he wants to do anything and everything with his big brother.  The only problem we’re running into is that Benjamin and Joseph don’t fit in a bed together without one of them falling out!!! 😀

Last night Jared and I were downstairs cleaning up and getting ready to go to bed.  All of a sudden, we heard this huge thud come from upstairs.  We both went upstairs expecting to get after the kids for being out of bed.  Instead, we found Joseph laying on the floor next to Benjamin’s bed all tangled up in the sheets.  The funniest thing was that Joseph was still asleep, even after all 36 lbs. of himself hit the floor.

I think we’re going to start looking for bunk beds.  If any of you have any good ideas as to where we can find a nice bed PLEASE let us know.



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6 responses to “New Beds

  1. Try Craigslist. A lot of times someone has a bunk bed in great condition for not much money. If you cant find one on there I can send you to that furniture place I was talking about.

  2. Oh, I wrote up a response and then deleted it. 😦

    IKEA, we got this one off freecycle and love it:

    Here is the bed tent for the top:

    It says it’s a loft bed but a regular twin size mattress fits on the bottom (and IKEA shows it that way in their catalog, too.) I like that it’s so low, I can still hug whoever is on the top bed and much less danger of kids falling out. Some friends said their kids like to leap off the top of their regular size bunkbeds or smack the ceiling fan so we didn’t want something too tall. Bennett’s on the bottom, Christopher’s on top. The boards are reversible, too – blue or white.

    I’m glad you are all home!

  3. Sarah

    There are some cute blue one’s at costco that I want!

  4. RC Willey clearance center had some yesterday. It’s located on Craig Rd just east of Lamb. Too funny that he didn’t wake up tho! Good Luck!

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