“Baby” Joseph?

dscn1149It has become my routine to feed Jacob first thing in the morning while Benjamin and Emma are getting themselves dressed.  Joseph, being as young as he is, waits until I’m all done feeding.  As I was changing Joseph’s diaper and he was laying next to his new little brother I couldn’t help but see the vast differences between my youngest boys.

I think the picture speaks for itself, but it literally made me gasp to see my little man looking not so little anymore!  But the way I look at it is there’s that much more of Joseph to love his little Jacob with.  What a difference two years makes!!! 😀



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4 responses to ““Baby” Joseph?

  1. Wow…that is such a difference! Jacob looks so small.

  2. Trust me when I tell you I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about!!! I’ve felt that way the last couple babies I bring home 🙂 It’s so cute, but I was so sad that Sage isn’t my “baby” anymore too. Bitter-sweet I guess!!

  3. Hey, by the way I noticed on your reading list “the 5 love languages of children” Is it any good? And when you are done reading it, can I borrow it?

  4. Oh my goodness! it’s crazy the difference!

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