Happy Due Date!

Today is when Jacob was officially supposed to enter this world.  It’s hard to believe that we would have missed out on four weeks of his life if he would have come on time.

For almost the first two weeks of his life he hardly opened his eyes.  It was always a treat if we got a glimpse of his baby blues.  Now that he’s gaining his weight back and that he’s a little older, we see them all the time!  The kids love when he opens his eyes and looks around.   They think he’s doing it just for them (which he very well may be).

Children are such amazing creatures!  Their ability to love unconditionally is the greatest thing that I have been able to witness as a mother.

To celebrate Jacob, and him completing our family, we had a friend come and take pictures of him with each of the kids.  After going through this experience I am so thankful for her willingness to come to our home and take these pictures.  For as good as the kids were, I still could not imagine going to a studio and trying to recreate the magic.

benjamin-jacob-3-copy emma-jacob-3-copy

joseph-jacob-copy benjamin-jacob-copy

emma-jacob-5-copy the-boys-3-copy



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3 responses to “Happy Due Date!

  1. those pictures turned out great!! i love Joseph’s little eye squint in the one with all three boys.

  2. Lindsay

    Congratulations on a beautiful baby!! I love all of your pictures… especially the one of Joseph and Jacob curled up on the bed in their diapers. SO CUTE! I hope you are all doing well. Your baby is adorable.

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