Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving


Today was daddy’s birthday and we had a blast celebrating it.  I only hope that daddy had as much as we did!

dscn1165dscn1164We started off the day a little rocky but we got over it after we started running errands for the party.  We got delicious looking cupcakes, picked up 31 helium balloons, and wrapped a couple presents for him.

While Jared came home for lunch (not knowing that we would be gone) we were at his office decorating it for when he came back.  We tied all the balloons to chairs in the conference rooms, set out all the cupcakes and the kids got his crown all ready!  That’s right folks, we made him a crown!  And he wore it like a trooper!


dscn1163dscn1162I’m afraid that I encouraged the kids a little too much the night before as we brainstormed ideas how to celebrate daddy’s birthday.  They remembered almost everything that we talked about and they were relentless about doing them all.  So after we left his work we came back (just a minute or two later so that he wouldn’t see us) and we decorated his car!  I was afraid that we completely embarrassed daddy, so much so that he wouldn’t enjoy his birthday at all but he assured me that he enjoyed every minute of it.

We love you, daddy, and we hope that today we were able to show you how much you mean to us!


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