What I Want to be When I Grow Up!

I think it’s great to think about things like what we want to be when we grow up.  Even though I have a family and mortgage and think I’m such a big girl, I’m really not!!!  Sometimes I get so caught up in everyone else’s needs, wants, desires that I forget what it is that drives me to stand out in a crowd.  If any of you know me like my husband does you would know that I love everything (which really isn’t such a good thing).

I have always loved photography, ever since my husband and I lived in London.  I had hours to myself to wander around and look at the beautiful landscapes and cottages.  For those same reasons is why I love to travel and would kill for the opportunity to work for National Geographic or something along those lines.

I thoroughly enjoy scrap booking (old school, not any of this digi scraping stuff) and it’s a great outlet for my more dominant creative side!  Along with the scrap booking I’m actually a pretty darn good sketch artist and think it would be so neat to be one of those artists on the side of the Seine River in Paris selling his artwork.

I have a passion for music of all kinds (literally, no discriminating here) and would love to be a performer like Barbara Streisand (timeless and classic)!

I enjoy teaching myself new things.  I taught myself how to sew years ago.  My mother could replace buttons and hem a straight seam but not much else.  When I lived in Lancaster you would see handmade quilts in shops all over the place.  I always wondered what it would be like to sell works of art that were created by my own hand.

A reason why I got started on blogging a couple years ago was to help with my scrap booking.  I always had a hard time when it came to journaling about a picture or an event.  I would go on and on and on.  I just never knew how to make things short and sweet, I always elaborated way too much to the point that it would be more of a book than a scrap page.  Blogging helped alleviate a lot of my need to write and describe everything.  I would love to be a writer!  To create characters and worlds that would and could only live in the imagination would be the funnest thing ever.

As you can see, this is probably why I haven’t finished my college career.  I can’t narrow down a subject that I would like to major in.  Too many things sound good!  I guess that’s why I have the rest of my life to try and figure out as much or as little about these subjects as I think necessary.


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  1. Shannon McKenney

    We are kindred spirits, you & I. My idea of what I want to be when I grow up changes so frequently. I love many things but I get bored with them quickly. I guess that’s not a very accurate description. It’s more like I find something different that consumes my attention more than the last thing. I wonder if I’ll ever grow out of that.

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