Jello Monster Contd.

So, I just found some pictures on my camera that I thought embodied my previous post and not-so-little Joseph.

Here is Exhibit D:  First we have Joseph dipping his bananas in the chocolate fountain, and then we have him eating it!  Obviously you can see that he’s enjoying himself.

dscn1183 dscn1184

Then we have Exhibit E!  I guess he thought that bananas weren’t good enough and decided to see how he, himself, would taste covered in chocolate.  I don’t doubt that he tasted scrumdiddlyumcious 😉 !

dscn1185 dscn1187



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3 responses to “Jello Monster Contd.

  1. This is funny! I love the video from the previous post and how he just started licking his plate. Pure awesomeness.

  2. Hey Brianna! This is Heather Hall (now McClellan). I found your blog through some others. Your kids are so precious! It seems like you guys are doing well!

  3. Jessica

    Hey Brianna! It was so good to hear from you… although I don’t think I saw your mom unless she happened to be in Reno! Your kids are adorable, I can’t believe you have four – we are getting old! I hope everything is going great for you guys! Are you living in Vegas?

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