The Jello Monster

This is our Joseph!  He has had a life long love affair with food.  Granted, that life long part has only been 2 1/2 years, but still he sure loves his food.  He has been that way ever since he was born.  8 pounds at birth was nothing compared to him weighing 13.5 pounds by one month.  The kid never lost any weight after he was born.  He was the worst nurser simply for the fact that he would eat every hour to two hours and then have a 6-8 oz. bottle afterward.  The reason for the bottle was because he would nurse so ravenously that he would constantly be swallowing air.  By the time we’d burp him he would have spit up almost everything that he had just eaten.  He was ridiculous, and made it necessary for me to wein him after 5 months.  Here are a few other examples of his obsession.

dscn1128Exhibit A:  The picture to the left is of dinner the other night.  Most people have jello as a side dish but in our family we have it for dessert.  If we were to introduce it to the kids (mostly Joseph) during dinner we wouldn’t be able to get them to eat anything else.  So, when we dished it up he kept shoveling it in his mouth.  It was as if he didn’t know if he’d ever eat jello again 🙂 .

Exhibit B:  The video below shows you that sometimes shoveling isn’t good enough for him.  He then had to go and lick the plate clean!


Exhibit C:  This is Joseph about a year ago.  After just a few months of being able to walk he somehow managed to push a chair over to the desk, climb up, just so that he could reach the bag of food!

I love that my kid is so crazy about food!  It sure helps keep up those delicious dimples 😀 !!!  We’ll just have to make sure that we keep that love affair in check and make sure that he falls in love with the right kinds of foods as he gets older!



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2 responses to “The Jello Monster

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  2. G'ma Combs

    I love reading your blog… but I have a suggestion to give to you!!!! I think that Joseph would not have to lick his Jello plate if you’d skip the fork and give the poor little kid a spoon!!!
    A note from a butinsky G’ma

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