We would like to announce…

We have a new addition to our family and I really couldn’t be happier!  Any guesses?  The kids are thrilled, Jared couldn’t be happier, and I am beyond excited to hold and play with the little guy.

Any guesses?

It’s a… 


The newest addition to the Johnson household- the Acer mini laptop!

I have always wanted my own laptop, ever since I helped pay for the laptops that Jared has needed over the several years that we have been married, but it has never been a necessity so we’ve never purchased one.

That is, until now!!!  I have finally moved high enough up on the totem pole of life to have my needs evaluated and seriously considered.  With the kids learning and enjoying the computer much more these days it makes it almost impossible for me to access it if I need to.

This little guy was in our price range and has it’s own built in wireless internet card so that I can drag it around with me anywhere in the house.  The fact that it’s only like three pounds is such a plus as well.

The kids are in love with it and Emma snuggles up to it like baby Jacob 🙂 .  She thinks she owns all things cute and tiny, but what little girl doesn’t!

With the internet at my fingertips all the time now I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more from me.  I would normally write more but I forget things and stories that I would record by the time it’s my turn on the computer, so this will be a nice change.



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4 responses to “We would like to announce…

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  2. Our friends just got one and I thought it was so cool. It’s small and cheap, how much better could it get! congrats!!! That’s very exciting 🙂

  3. how fun! and to think, i was thinking a pet!

  4. Congratulations! She types on her laptop while nursing her baby… 🙂 It’s addicting but I love, love, love having portable instant internet access. Especially with homeschooling, we use it constantly.

    And especially hooray if this means we get to read even more Johnson family updates. 🙂

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