We’re Breaking All The Rules

I’ve recently noticed how Jared and I are breaking all the rules with Jacob.  We are letting him sleep in bed with us, we hold him all the time and let others do the same.  We hardly let him cry before we pick him up and I wake him up to eat instead of letting him sleep until he wakes himself.

I don’t care what “they” say but I’m making sure to enjoy every single second of Jacob’s little life.  I thought that I had paid close attention to Benjamin when he was first born and enjoyed all his little milestones, but as I slow down and make sure to enjoy my little Jacob, I realize that I had no idea what “slow down and enjoy you children” really meant.

It’s amazing the little things that you miss when you’re not just laying down in bed waiting for you little one to wake up and see the world.  It’s such an amazing feeling to watch your little boy wake up, rub his eyes, hold his head up, breaking into a huge smile as he sees that you’re looking at him and waiting for him to join you.  I LOVE BEING A MOM ! ! !

I’m just glad that I’m experiencing this now, as opposed to never, and I think it’s really helped me slow down and pay attention to each of my kids in whatever stage they are in now.


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