A few days ago my mom told me that my little brother, Brandon, has been recalled to Iraq.  I haven’t written about it because I don’t know how I really feel.

It came as quite a shock because we were told that he was out of the army and we all just assumed that that meant he couldn’t be recalled.  According to Brandon, the army reserves the right to call back any soldier that has been deployed in the past two years.

For whatever reason, Brandon was the only one out of his unit that was recalled.  He seems to think that it was because of his rank and his expertise as a medic.

It’s unfortunate that they are pulling him out of school before the semester is over.  When he gets back home he’ll have to repeat this year.  It makes me a little upset to see him being sent away and that affecting his attempts at school.  This kid is trying so hard to become a pediatrician and every time he gets close to that goal something always comes up and sets him back.

I have to say that I’m nervous.  I’m nervous for him to go back out there in harms way.  He escaped death so many times on his last tour that I don’t want his luck to run out.

It has taken the kids a bit of time to acclimate to Brandon because he hasn’t been around that much.  When he was in Iraq the last time the kids had his picture pinned up on their walls so that they could remember who he was.  Heck, he didn’t ever see Joseph until he was much older.  Now with the new baby and him having to leave I want Jacob to be able to get to know his uncle, more so now that I know he’s going to be gone.

I think back about all the times I heard on the news of families getting upset when their family members were sent back out into the field and I remember thinking how selfish those families were.  If the soldier was fine with being sent back out why couldn’t the families just get on board and support them.  It was such an immature reaction, and a very selfish one at that.  I was only saying that to myself AFTER Brandon was home and safe and not anywhere near harm.

Now, I can see exactly what those people were thinking and feeling.  At least I’m getting there as I start putting a face on my feelings.



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4 responses to “Iraq

  1. I’m sorry. 😦 My brother-in-law got back right after my father left. And my Dad isn’t even active duty, he retired! But he’s volunteered to go back as a civilian. 🙂

    I didn’t know they could recall you for up to two years after discharge, that’s alarming!

    How does that work with school, do they refund tuition? He has to ship out before the semester is over?

  2. I’m so sorry. We will keep him in our prayers so that he can return safe.

  3. Rache

    Hey sista! Just trying to comfort you, I know it sucks, there are some marines out here training to go back because they can be recalled up to four years after service! But that is in the contract. But on to the comfort part…. The action over there is not too existant any more. It is much different than when he was over there before. I have had many of my friends come back and tell me how bored they were because there was NOTHING going on. Now all the excitement is in Afghanastan (if i could spell that correctly). All the marines that have come back from Iraq say that it is not dangerous anymore. So I wouldn’t worry about the safety part too much. But yes that is sad that he keeps trying to get through school, but remember the Lord is always on our side. He wont put us through anything we can’t handle and he knows where we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to be doing. The Lord would not have him there if that is not where he is supposed to be at this point. Just have faith in the Lord, and the rest will take care of itself. (easier said than done) So I say, get on board and support, because that is what they need the most, expecially for their morale! I love ya!

  4. Shannon McKenney

    I’m surprised to hear they can do that! I’ll keep him & your family in my prayers. How soon until he has to leave again?

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