Food Storage

Jared and I have been feeling a little “blah” lately.  Jared says it’s to be expected now that we have finished a huge chapter in our lives.  He said that we just need to find something else to focus our energy on.

We had a wonderful stake conference this past weekend and they discussed emergency preparedness.  Jared and I decided that it’s time to start seriously working on our food storage as well as our emergency plans and kits.  Now that we know exactly how many people are in our family and how many people we need to prepare for it will make it all that much easier to plan.

I’m excited to start talking about this stuff with the kids and getting them as much as possible.  I have a bunch of recipes that only use food storage items.  I think as part of our preparation we’ll start trying some of these recipes to see which work and which the kids enjoy.


Week 1: Fill those water jugs- 14 gallon per family member for 2 week supply. Buy water purification tablets or bleach (1 gallon per family member).

Week 2: Flour- buy an extra 10 lbs. for a small family, 25 lbs. for a large family. Purchase 100 lbs. of hard white wheat, preferably in plastic storage buckets with tight fitting lids.

Week 3: Salt-iodized (5 lbs. per person).

Week 4: Sweeteners- honey (20 lbs.), sugar (25 lbs.) and any additional sweeteners that you can find on sale such as brown or powdered sugar, corn syrup, maple syrup or flavoring to make your own.

Week 5: Powdered milk- 40 oz. will make five gallons. Buy at least (3) more #10 cans of powdered milk this week…more if you can.

Week 6:  Sugar- buy another 25 pounds.

Week 7: Peanut Butter- add some jams/jellies. Buy (3) more #10 cans of powdered milk.

Week 8: Pasta- buy at least 5 lbs. Select a variety.

Week 9: Canned meats- tuna, chicken, turkey, ham, spam, dried beef, etc. (10 cans).

Week 10: Condensed soup- also add boxes of favorite crackers.’

Week 11: Laundry items: detergent, bleach, fabric softener, ammonia, disinfectant.

Week 12: Canned milk, flour (25 lbs.)

Week 13: Toothpaste, floss, razors, shaving cream.

Week 14: Baking powder, baking soda, cornstarch. Purchase at least (5 lbs.) of yeast.

Week 15: Raisins and other dried fruits. Dried apple from Dry Pack, fruit leather.

Week 16:  Oats- rolled, quick, cornmeal, Cream of Wheat, etc.

Week 17:  Treats for baking- chocolate chips, coconuts, baking cocoa.

Week 18: Garden seeds- look for seeds that are NON-hybrid. That way you can use the seeds from the plants you grow to grow a garden the next season. A good price for them is about $18-$20 per can with about 10 varieties per can. Buy a lot of vegetable seeds. In times of emergency, our spirits need brightening too! Don’t forget fertilizer.

Week 19: Spices- cinnamon, nutmeg, oregano, dried onions, pepper, etc.

Week 20: Whole wheat flour, wheat, and other germs.

Week 21: Paper towels, aluminum foil, wax paper, garbage bags, freezer bags, etc.

Week 22: Graham crackers, 200 lbs. of wheat, 25 lbs. of rice.

Week 23: Personal products- bar soap, deodorant, shampoo, lotion, feminine products.

Week 24: Canned fruits- buy some or can your own.

Week 25: Jello-O and pudding mixes (3) #10 cans of powdered milk.

Week 26: Vitamins- multi-vitamins, vitamin C, etc.

Week 27: Canned potatoes, potato pearls from the dry pack, dried potato slices.

Week 28: Canning supplies- jars, lids, Sure-Jell, paraffin, rings.

Week 29: Kleenex and toilet paper.

Week 30: Water storage- check your water supply. Purchase another 55 gallon drum and fill it with water. Water is your most important item!

Week 31: Ketchup, mustard, salad dressing, mayo, pickles.

Week 32: Gallon of vinegar- good for cleaning, cooking, and medicinal.

Week 33: Candles, matches- put where you can get to in the dark. Hurricane lamps and oil (Note: you should have on hand 1,000-2,000 matches).

Week 34: Tomato products- juices, sauces, pastes, whole, spaghetti sauce.

Week 35: Juices- avoid watered products, buy 100% juice, lemon, orange, fruit drink.

Week 36: Mixes- cake, muffin, Bisquick, etc. Purchase or make your own.

Week 37: First Aid supplies- Band-Aids, calamine, Neosporin, etc.

Week 38: Other medicines- Pepto Bismol, Vicks, cough syrup/drops, etc.

Week 39: Nuts- Nuts are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Dry roasted store best. Try freezing them.

Week 40: Sewing supplies: thread, buttons, snaps, zippers, fabric, etc.

Week 41: More First Aid- gauze pads, swabs, cotton balls, tape, burn ointment.

Week 42: Dry soup mixes- remember to store enough extra water.

Week 43: Dried whole eggs (buy 2 cans and keep in a cool, dry place), (2) boxes of Rennet (used making cottage cheese and other dairy products from dry milk).

Week 44: Lighting supplies- flashlights and batteries (dated), 50-hour candles.

Week 45: Favorite family food- stress foods like hard candy, popcorn, snack foods.

Week 46: Shortening (2 cans), oil (1 gallon) preferably Canola or Olive Oil.

Week 47: Beans, split peas, lentils, etc.

Week 48: Heating supplies- firewood, kerosene, propane for BBQ grill, charcoal.

Week 49: Rice- 10, 15 or 20 lbs.

Week 50: Canned vegetables- corn, peas, string beans, creamed corn, etc.

Week 51: Margarine powder (#10 can), (2) large cans of fruit juice powder.

Week 52: Congratulations- You have just given yourself and your family the greatest gift of all…SECURITY!!! Now, take your inventory of your storage, assess your family’s needs and start a new year of staying prepared.

It is vital to get WATER STORAGE. If you don’t have water, you will not be able to use many of the goods you have that are dehydrated or require water to cook. Many times in natural disasters, the electricity goes down and you will not be able to access your water. Sometimes the water is contaminated from flooding and cross-contamination from sewage. You should have enough water on hand to last you two weeks.



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2 responses to “Food Storage

  1. Shannon McKenney

    This is great, Brianna! I have a small food storage, but have recently been focusing on it much more intensively than ever before. In fact, I’ve recently taken a couple of classes on how to save money (at least 50%, often more) on food & other necessities that will go to my family’s food storage. I’m really excited about it & will be having a sister who was in our ward years ago teach the class at my house next month. I’ll have to get in touch with you soon to bounce some ideas off of you.

  2. I like that list for weekly purchases, if it’s okay I would love to copy it!

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