5 Years of Check-ups

height: 43 inches (51%)

weight: 40 lbs. 8 oz. (50%)

It was fun going to the doctor’s office today.  I’m sure it was more fun for me rather than Benjamin.  I wasn’t the one getting shots.

We had an amazing nurse who was so much fun.  Turned out she had a son Benjamin’s age that Benjamin reminded her of.  She said it was really easy to talk to him with her son in mind.

Benjamin had all kinds of tests done today besides his shots.  They started with his vision test.  Instead of reading the letters they put up a sign that had different shapes and he had to distinguish between them.  The nurse asked him what one of the shapes was on the bottom level and Benjamin replied that he didn’t know.  That got me a little nervous just because I have such bad eyesight and I was afraid that he might take after more in that area.  Turns out that most kids can’t see that far down the sign and that he is perfectly fine.

dscn1256Then they needed to check his hearing so that we can make sure he can hear the teacher 🙂 .  It was fun because he had to wear these ridiculous headphones.  When the nurse asked him if he had ever seen headphones like these Benjamin couldn’t say that he had because they are ginormous.  In an time where electronics are getting smaller and smaller by the day I’m surprised that he even knew that they went over his ears.

Of course the whole reason we went was to get him current on his shots so that we can register on Wednesday, and that’s exactly what they did next.  He was such a trooper, but I’m really glad that I talked to him about what to expect before we were in the office.  He understood that he was going to get shots (plural) and he was very distraught that he would have to do such a thing.  He let me know that it was going to make him sad and so I told him that I’d have to take him out to ice cream to help make him feel better!

Luckily, he only had to get one shot in his arm but for the rest of the day he kept favoring it.  He wouldn’t even use that arm to push the elevator buttons.  Oh well!  I remember doing things like that when I was younger so he needs to have his time to grieve I guess!


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