Trail of the Leprechaun

rscn1274Our neighbors are so much fun!  They have four little ones pretty close to our kids’ ages which makes it all the more fun.

Their kids and our kids went on a leprechaun hunt in the park down the street.  Justin, our neighbor, says that this was a  family tradition from when he was a little boy.

rscn1275rscn1276According to Justin, leprechauns like to hide in bushes, where the kids were fortunate enough to find one.  Justin caught it in a pillow case then he and the kids ran to our house where the leprechaun got loose and ran away.  Luckily, the kids were able to follow the leprechaun’s green footprints across our lawn and the rocks of our neighbor’s yard… all the way to his hidden stash of gold!

Unfortunately the kids never saw the leprochaun again, but it was so nice of him to share some of his gold!  He did leave a note that said, “Ha Ha Ha, I got away!  Here’s some gold anyway!”  Such a clever little guy 🙂 . 



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