Build-a-bear Date

rscn1316Joseph and I have not been connecting very well lately.  I don’t know if it’s that we’re not connecting or that he’s just going through daddy- withdrawal.

Every morning, before Jared heads off to work, Joseph starts screaming, “Daddy, I need you”, and Jared will be standing right next to him.  I’m not quite sure what’s going on but I thought that he and I could use some quality one-on-one time.

rscn1308Benjamin and Emma both have Build-a-bear bears from years ago but Joseph has never had that experience.  I thought that he would enjoy making his very own little critter to love and maybe help alleviate some of that separation anxiety that he’s been having.

We got to the store and his eyes just lit up.  Right in the window there was a pink poodle being advertised and of course he wanted it- for Emma!  He was easily distracted by the other stuffed animals and he was even more thrilled when I told him to pick one.

Once he saw the frog his mind was made up and he never wavered.  Benjamin has a Webkinz bullfrog that he has cleverly named Hippity Hoppity, which I’m sure had some influence on Joseph naming his frog Hoppity.  He stuffed his little green friend, gave him a bath, and then we went to the computer and registered him.


We had such a fun time together.  I had forgotten how much fun one-on-one time could be.  My little man wouldn’t stop holding my hand and randomly giving me kisses and hugs.  I really think Hoppity will help him get over daddy a little bit.  If not that, maybe creating him will have brought Joseph and I a little closer to the point of him letting me console him when daddy leaves every morning.


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