All Smiles!

dscn1251I finished feeding Jacob and set him on the bed while I went to grab a blanket to swaddle him in.  When I came back his eyes were closed but he was smiling up a storm.

I thought that maybe he just had gas especially since we haven’t seen him smile much at all since he has been born.


I never quite understood the whole “smiling because they have gas” thing, why is it so hard to think that the baby knows who you are and is giving you some love and encouragement.

Any-who, I was admiring my little boy in my bed when he decided to spit up most of his dinner all over himself and the burp rag.

I quickly changed his outfit and cleaned him up as best I could without waking him up too much.  I was a little upset that he woke up but that was shortly lived when he started cooing and giving me the best smiles ever!!!

dscn1254 dscn1252

I love those little baby months where all they do is sleep and feed and then sleep some more, but I have to say that I love the stage that Jacob’s moving into.  It’s so nice when they can finally focus their eyes on you instead of going cross-eyed all the time.  It’s wonderful when they look at you and smile because they know you’re their mommy and that you’re there to take care of everything.  It’s great to watch their reactions when they hear their voice for the first time and then as they try to hear it again.

I am having a love affair with my little boy.  I am loving every minute of his little life!  At the rate we’re going, Jacob is either going to grow up blind from the flash of the camera or he is going to adapt and have a gorgeous smile like the rest of his siblings.  They made the best of my obsession with pictures and Jacob will pull through too 🙂 .


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  1. These are really cute pictures.

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