It appears that I have my very own defrosting machine now that Joseph knows how to open the freezer door.

I know it’s 12:00 pm but I just got out of the shower and came downstairs to read a book since all the kids are taking naps.  As I descended the staircase, I saw a baggie of frozen fish sticks lying on the kitchen floor.  I picked them up and noticed that they were open and now no longer frozen.

I’m just curious as to how long ago he got them out of the freezer (probably while I was in the shower) and whether or not he ate any (while frozen).

I keep thinking that nothing will surprise me with this kid but it’s quite the opposite.

Jared and I were making a list last night at the dinner table of funny little things that Joseph has done in the last year and a half since he has been able to enjoy the miracle that is food!

  1. Last Halloween, while trick-or-treating, I caught a glimpse of Joseph’s pained face.  I then noticed the chocolate drool coming out of the corner of his mouth.  I made him open up and found to my surprise that he had popped an entire Reese’s chocolate, foil and all, in to his mouth.

    The metal foil was grinding against his teeth as he ate and that’s what was causing his expression of pain.

  2. For the past couple weeks Joseph has been taking to locking himself in the pantry!  Every morning, when I can’t find him, I go and check in the pantry.  He’s sitting very nicely on the step stool that I keep in there, waiting for food (I guess!).
  3. During one of his episodes in the pantry he managed to break open a new box of Capri Sun fruit drinks.  Not only that, but he had taken one of the drinks out of the box and eaten through the plastic to get to the juice.
  4. Jared went to use the bar of soap in our bathroom but the minute he picked it up he noticed that there was a chunk missing.  Joseph had taken a bite out of the soap!

    Jared says that we’re going to be in trouble if he ever has a potty mouth because we can’t threaten to wash his mouth out with soap, he’ll just eat it instead!

  5. I was cleaning the bathroom mirrors the other week when I needed to go downstairs to get some more paper towels.  When I got back up the stairs I saw a once full bottle of Windex empty on the ledge.  I started freaking out because I then noticed that Joseph had Windex all down the front of his clothes and that set me off even more.  I started looking for the poison control number (thinking that he had drank the bottle) but then Emma answered my hysteria by showing me where he spilled the bottle.

    The real sad thing is that he has done so many crazy things when it comes to eating that I didn’t put it past him that he had drank the bottle of Windex.  I’m really hoping that if he was going to drink it that he would have been repulsed by the smell or the taste and not gone through with it.

  6. Yet again, another incident regarding the pantry.  In one day Joseph managed to eat an entire bag of mini marshmallows, and by entire bag I mean “ENTIRE” bag (plastic and all).
  7. I bought a ton of fruits the other day and decided to put some in a bowl in the middle of the kitchen table for some decoration.  The next thing I know Joseph has climbed onto the table and has tried to take a bite out of the banana which had the rind on it.  He didn’t like that too much so he put it back and tried the same thing with an orange, having the same outcome.
  8. I went to get something from the pantry when I realized that there was sand all over the floor.  It took me getting on my hands and knees ot realize that it was brown sugar- not sand!  I looked for the bag of brown sugar on the shelves but couldn’t find it.  This made me a little nervous because I didn’t want ants finding it.  I went to get the broom and dustpan in the laundry room but instead I found Joseph eating fistfuls of brown sugar from the bag that I was missing.

I look back on these times, and many many more, and I think how fortunate we are that Joseph is only 42 pounds.  The way this kid eats he should be on one of those Maury shows with the other 200 pound 3 year olds.  The plastic that he eats must help his digestion and in turn speed up his metabolism.  I have a feeling that there will be many other posts like this in the future.



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2 responses to “Defroster

  1. teisha

    Wow! I can’t believe all of the things he will eat. Don’t you ever feed the poor kid LOL! Hopefully it is just a phase right! That is great you are recording all that stuff down because it is sure to make you laugh years to come.

  2. tylerandjaneen

    That is funny! Probably not so much for you right now. It’s amazing that he’ll eat all those things. I’m sure he’ll grow out of it soon. Decker used to get into our pantry and eat all the time. One day I caught him with a container of frosting, eating it with a spoon (at least he got a spoon right?). I had to put a lock on our pantry, I got tired of cleaning up all the messes!

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