3 Months Old

3 month smilesJacob is three months old!  How much fun is that?  He has become so much fun for the kids to watch.  His eyes are finally focusing on objects and the best part is that he’s starting to recognize us and give us smiles!

He has such a sincere smile that just melts your heart and makes you want to spend more time with him so that he’ll smile at you more.

As I think back to the other kids and when they started smiling at me, it took Jacob a lot longer to figure that one out.  It seemed to be at about 6 weeks that the others would start truly smiling but it has taken him almost 10 weeks (an extra month).  It seems that he is arriving at a lot of his developmental stages about a month late.  It could be because he was a month premature that he is acting more like a two month old, developmental wise.

Since they don’t do check-ups at three months (thank heavens, no shots!) we’ll have to wait another month to see how much he has grown, but here’s a picture of him from last month compared to this month 🙂 .

2-months 3 months


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