Emergency F.H.E.

dscn1267For the last few family home evening Mondays we have been collecting things to make 72 hour emergency kits for each of the kids.

Last week we went to the Disney store and bought four rolling suitcases, one for each of the kids.  You should have seen the disappointed looks on their faces as we unveiled the suitcases and then told them that they weren’t to be played with- that they were for emergencies only 😦 .

We discussed what emergencies were.  For the kids, we tried to relate natural disasters to things that they have seen in movies or read in stories.  That seemed to help them digest things a little easier.

dscn1266The following week we took a trip down to the dollar store and picked out things like toothbrushes and toothpaste, hair brushes, tissues, band-aids, water bottles, shampoo and body soap, wipes, crayons and coloring books, and we even got some glow sticks so that if we were separated in a crowd we might still be able to find each other.

These were just a few of the things that we packed into the kids’ suitcases that we purchased the week before.  They each have a change of clothes, a pillow, a blanket, and a flashlight as well.

Mom and Dad each get a duffel bag with other things that we would need and we’ll probably have to add one more bag for more water and food.

On top of all the “things” that were prepared, Jared and I talked a little more in depth after the kids went to bed.  We mapped out different evacuations for different types of disasters.  We got our meeting place all squared away in case we’re separated, and we made a physical list of all the things that each person is responsible for grabbing as we walk out the door.

It’s such a relief to have that small part of our emergency preparedness completed and ready for immediate action.

As we continue on this never ending road of preparedness we’ll be sure to post things that work for us, ideas that we have, and links to other sources that we find.


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