Prop 8 Update

Okay, so we don’t live in California, but that doesn’t make the issue irrelevant.  The AP released some disturbing news regarding Prop 8 recently, so Brianna asked that I provide an update on the Defense of Marriage front.

The constitutionality of Prop 8 was taken to the California Supreme Court recently, and everyone is anxiously awaiting a decision.  (Notably, the dean of Pepperdine Law School – Ken Starr – was on the defense team supporting the proposition, which is to protect marriage.)  In the mean time, the California Secretary of State has again approved for groups to begin gathering signatures to place the issue on the ballot again in 2010.  So, if 700,000 signatures are collected by August 17, 2009, then California is in for another vote on the definition of marriage next year.

Sadly, to further cloud the issue, two college students also received permission last month to circulate petitions abolishing marriage altogether as a state-sanctioned institution.  Hopefully this one doesn’t have any legs, but we will keep an eye it.  As Brianna said, “Could you imagine being identified as from a different era than our kids just because we are married?”  While things aren’t that bad yet, it is certainly discouraging that if some of the gay marriage supporters cannot gain marriage one way, then they are willing to abolish it for everybody.  Living next door here in Nevada does bring these issues closer than otherwise, since things tend to trickle over the border.

Despite the initial stages that these petitions are in, we must be conscious of the line between looking for a fight and standing our ground.  It is a good idea to monitor these developments so that they don’t incubate and/or fester.  Satan’s strategy here is so historically cliché (albeit still effective):  Keep bringing it up until the other side gets tired or numb or both, then deliver the knockout punch.  All the more reason to remain alert.

With that in mind, if any of you readers out there have any connection to California, please circle August 17, and if necessary, we have to be ready to roll up our sleeves to defend marriage again.


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