Ward Easter Egg Hunt

Every year our ward holds an Easter egg hunt for the children.  We were able to participate last year before we were officially members of the ward.


It was a little nicer this year because we knew the members of the ward and the kids had their little friends to run and hunt with.

When we woke this morning it was raining pretty hard so I had everyone dress in long sleeves and sweaters so that they wouldn’t be cold.  Two hours later, by the time we got to the park, the dark clouds disappeared and the temperature started to rise.

All the children lined up at one side of the park where you could see hundreds of eggs lying in the grass and somewhat hidden in the trees and rocks.  To make things as fair as possible, the little kids were given a two minute head start.  It was needed because even with the eggs just sitting there in the middle of the grass some of the little ones didn’t understand what they were supposed to be doing 🙂 .  Thank goodness for older siblings to help the younger ones along (Emma with Joseph and Benjamin with Emma).

dscn1381 rscn1401

I love the Easter season.  It is so full of life and anticipation!  The beautiful pastel colors, the new little ones being born (although that happens all year round), and the wonderful change of temperature!  We have been so fortunate (here in Vegas) to only be in the mid 70’s.  Normally for this time of year we’re already in the 90’s and well on our way to the 100’s.  I love that the kids are still able to play outdoors without sweating.  One of our favorite past times is to set up some lawn chairs out in the driveway while the kids and their little friends play and ride their bikes ’round.

rscn1400 dscn1383

dscn1380Another fun thing about Easter is that you can get away with dressing children up so that they all match (obviously not the case here), and no one complains that you’re taking too many pictures!  It’s’ sad, but some people in my family call me Chinese because of the amount of pictures that I take 🙂 .  With subjects such as these to shoot I don’t know how I couldn’t take so many pictures!!!


We hope you all have a wonderful Easter!


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  1. I love these pictures. Your kids look so grown up. By the way, it was fun seeing you on Saturday!

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