Easter Sunday

dscn1386I know that Easter has been on the calendar four weeks, but for whatever reason, my mind chose to ignore that.  It wasn’t until late afternoon yesterday that I realized we still needed to cook and color eggs for the Bunny to hide.  So, at 4:00pm the eggs were boiling in a big pot on the stove while we were eating dinner.  I quickly chilled them in the freezer and then we dyed them after the dishes were put away.

Emma didn’t want to eat dinner claiming that she was too tired.  We agreed to let her go up to her bed and told her she could come down whenever she was ready.  So, after dinner Jared went up to check on her and found that she had put her jammies on and climbed under the covers where she had fallen asleep.  He tried a couple times to wake her and tell her that we were ready to dye eggs but she never woke up enough.  Benjamin was so sweet to remember her and dye a couple pink eggs especially for her.

dscn1404This morning the kids woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had visited our house last night.  Benjamin was so disappointed that he wasn’t able to see the Bunny.  We ended up telling him that we talked to the Bunny last night while he was hiding the eggs.  The Easter Bunny wanted us to tell him that he was sorry he missed them last night but that he would come back later today to give them some more eggs.

I know some of you might think this an unnecessary lie but with church at 11:00 I didn’t want the kids finding and eating any eggs with candy in it so we had to postpone the hiding of those eggs.  I knew that there would be attitudes and sugar crashes that we would have to deal with right in the middle of sacrament meeting so the only eggs that the Easter Bunny left behind this time was the ones that we had dyed last night.

dscn1405 dscn1407 dscn1406


The kids found the twenty-some-odd eggs around the house.  We ate a few with breakfast and then started getting ready for church.  We had some extra time leftover before we had to get to church so we decided to gather and watch the animated version of the resurrection.  It brought a great spirit into our home right before church.

Jesus' handsDuring sacrament meeting, Benjamin turned to me and said, “Look!  It’s Jesus’ hands!”  What he held up was a picture that he had drawn by tracing each of his hands and then put one large dot in the middle of each palm.  I have to say that I was impressed that he had understood the movie and our discussions about the atonement earlier this morning.

When church was finished, and we were home, Jared took all the kids upstairs to get changed while I was busy hiding plastic, candy eggs and stuffing their Easter baskets.  I then quickly wrote a little note to the kids (from Mr. Bunny) and left it at the top of the stairs so that they would find it.  Benjamin found and read the note for everyone else.  It said, “I’m sorry I missed you again.  I left behind some goodies for each of you.  I also hid a few more eggs for you to find!  I hope to see you next year!  -Mr. B”

It was quite funny because the kids were so enthralled by the letter that they completely forgot that there were little goodies waiting downstairs for them.

dscn1409Of course that didn’t last too long and before we knew it there was a stampede for the dining room.  Half way down the stairs the kids could see their baskets on the kitchen table and there were all kinds of hoots and hollers.

I could not have been happier with their baskets this year.  Almost everything in them was from the dollar sections of Michael’s and Target, and there were really quite some cool things.  Emma got some water paints, a tiara, safety scissors, a princess sticker book, and some other fun things.  Benjamin and Joseph both got foam shields to go with their foam swords.  And the best part, they all got new swimming suits, compliments of their Grandma J!

dscn1411After they had some time to go through their Easter baskets Benjamin remembered that the Bunny had written that he hid more eggs.  They immediately started looking in the same places as earlier this morning.  Joseph spotted an egg in the outside window which led everyone outside where they found more eggs filled with jelly beans.  It was such a beautiful day to be outside.  The weather was great, the flowers were blooming nicely, dscn1412and I was able to get some pretty pictures of the kids finding eggs.

I hope you were able to have a marvelous Easter and that you too were able to rejoice in the knowledge that our Savior has conquered death- and so will we!


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