Family History

Tonight we had the Family History Coordinator from our ward come to our house for FHE.  It was quite nice because they came prepared with a small lesson for the kids, talking to them about families and the sealing powers of the temple.  They brought coloring activities for the kids to do afterward and even brought rice crispy treats!  I’m tellin’ you, they were a hit in our house!

While the kids were busy coloring and eating it gave them a chance to talk to Jared and I and show us some of the new programs and family search guides.

After they got us signed up with usernames and passwords we were able to search some of our family names.  It was absolutely AMAZING to watch this small screen fill outwith name after name after name of family members that have passed on.  This one particular family line went back so far that I didn’t have enough time in my 20 minutes to find where the work had stopped.  It just filled my heart with an overwhelming sense of joy.  To know that we have so many guardian angels watching over us and praying for us to succeed as a family and as individuals was so incredible.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to research this stuff more and find out even more about my family and about who I am and be able to share that with the kids.


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