A little bear for Garrbear / Advice

We picked up Garron and Abby from the airport this morning.  They flew in for the weekend to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

It was so nice to be able to see them both.  We haven’t seen Abby since Christmas, and so much has happened since then.  She was able to see Jacob for the first time and we were able to see her for the first time since she announced that she is pregnant.

When they went to the doctors’ a few weeks ago the ultrasound tech. thought they were having a girl.  Just this past week (19 weeks) they had their sonogram which that tech. said that it was definitely a boy!  I’m going off the more current findings and so I grabbed a few of the little outfits that Jacob is growing out of and gave them to Abby.  I think it got her into the spirit of having a boy.  It’s hard going from thinking that you’re going to have a girl (so many fun ways to dress up) to finding out you’re having a boy (T-shirts and jeans).  Garron is so psyched about having a little boy !

This is so great though!  With Megan and Mike having Julia just a few months after Jacob I’m able to give them the girl clothes that Emma grows out of.  Now with Garron and Abby having a boy around September time I’ll be able to give them my boy clothes (if they have survived).  This is great because I’m no longer storing boxes and bins of kid clothes in my closets and garage.  This is going to open up so much extra storage space for who-knows-what!

Abby and I were able to spend some time together before they were off to their hotel room.  It was nice to be able to talk with her and give her some tips about things to expect when they have their little boy.  One of the first things Jared and I advised them on was the circumcision.  As you may remember, I have strong views on that subject!  We told them a little about what to expect, and I don’t think we completely horrified them 😀 .

Then we just gave them little pointers that we have picked up over the years after having boys. 

  • For the most part, we have perfected the art of not getting shot by the fountain of pee.  If you simply place an extra wipe over the area while changing the rest of the diaper it will catch any extra!  Now, it will only prevent the spray hitting you and going all over the room but it’s deflected downward into the carpet or the back of their little clothes.  I guess it’s all about priorities and what is easier to clean up.
  • Boys always advance in diapers faster than girls!  It’s true!  A boy will fill up and leak out of a diaper faster than a girl.  But if you check the diapers the girl’s diaper will be full in the front and the back while the boy’s diaper will be full only in the front.  It’s just simple anatomy!

I know it’s still a ways away but you can never be too prepared 🙂 .


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