Memorial Day

CSC_0123Today was such a fun day- full of swimming and friends!!!  We invited a couple families over for some swimming and a little eating.  It was so nice to see everyone enjoying the pool.  We weren’t moved in to the house this time last year so it was fun to be able to open up our home to our friends.


It’s funny to look at this picture because it gives you a good idea of what our backyard looks like.  We just recently ripped out every piece of vegetation (alive and dead).  It’s a beautiful pool surrounded by dirt!  There were dead palm trees taking up tons of space, weeds sprouting up everywhere, and landscape rocks that were removed from all around the pool.  It is so nice to have a clean slate to work with, but it’s too bad that we couldn’t fill it in before this weekend.

It was a really special weekend for more than just having fun with friends.  Last summer, when we first started getting into swimming in our pool, only Benjamin and Emma were the only ones that would go out in the water with DSC_0106DSC_0114arm floaties.  I had to hold Joseph in my arms to get him in the water, or he’s just sit on the stairs.  This weekend he went out in the water with floaties on and swam around with all the kids.  It was really sweet to watch Benjamin encourage him to swim around.

Joseph’s newly found courage will come in so handy the rest of the summer.  Now I’ll be able to hold Jacob in the pool while the others can swim on their own.


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  1. I love your backyard! I think it looks great.

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