It was just an ordinary day at our house.  Jared got home a little earlier than planned so I had him help me with the baby.  Jacob is a real sweetheart, I’m talking the best baby in the world.  He hardly cries, and when he does it’s this tiny little whimper.  He is content to sit or lay (on stomach or back), he’s not picking in the slightest.  I couldn’t have asked for a better fourth baby!

Anyway, somtimes I have to remind myself to give Jacob attention because he’s so quite that sometimes I forget that he’s around.  I know, not the best thing for me to admit as a mother, but it is innocent.  With him always being so passive I admit that I sometimes tend to the other kids first.  With Jared home early and me working on dinner I had Jared play with the baby a little.

For some reason Jacob developed a serious case of hiccups.  I don’t know why they started or persisted for so long but they sure were funny to watch.


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