Tonight was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling nights as a mother.  Jared missed out because he didn’t get home from the office until late.

We were sitting down to dinner when Benjamin volunteered to say the blessing over the food.  In his prayer he branched out from his typical thank thees and started talking about the temple.  He was talking as if Christ were sitting right next to him and he was telling Him how much he loved to visit His house (the Vegas temple).  He told Him how beautiful it was and then told Him that he hoped that He loved His house.

It was such a sweet prayer that I had to go over and give him a little squeeze for his added efforts and thought.

We began eating and then out of the blue, Benjamin leans over to me and tells me (matter of factly), “Mommy, I know that Jesus loves me.  I know that the scriptures are real.”

I sat there for a few seconds just trying to comprehend what my five year old has just so innocently proclaimed to me.  I leaned in closer to him and told him that he just bore me his testimony.  I asked him how he felt and he told me that he felt good and happy.  I then told him that those feelings were the Holy Ghost telling him that what we were talking about was true and right.

We exchanged smiles and “I love yous” and then went back to our eating.  The other kids began to take notice of our little conversation so I took the time to talk to all of them about the things that Benjamin had said.  We talked about temples and Jesus, the scriptures and the people written of in its’ pages.  It was a great experience because the ENTIRE time I have the kids’ attention.  They are engaged and focused and I couldn’t have asked for more.

I feel really bad that Jared missed it but I’m sure this is just the start.  I’m sure that we will have many more dinner discussions in our future 🙂 .


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