Manti or Bust

Manti TempleToday we headed out of town for the land of Manti, UT. 

We have a big family gathering up in Zion’s Ridge later this month and we thought we’d extend it a bit and take the kids to go see the Pageant.

I’m so glad that we chose to do this.  Even though it was a long trip to get ready for (packing four little kids for two weeks leads to a lot of extra baggage- in more than one sense).

We left town a little later than we had planned but we began our trip with the idea that we would take it easy.  We didn’t have to be anywhere until 9:00.

It was probably one of the most enjoyable road trips I’ve ever been on.

I made everyone go potty before we left, but of course, the minute we’re on the freeway, stuck in traffic, Emma announces that she had to go pee.  I didn’t know what to do so I made her stand up and I put a diaper on her and then told her to go.  I’m sorry, but what’s a mom to do.  It was better than sitting in a car that smelled like pee for 6 hours.  The funny thing was that once we got to our hotel in Salina, Emma started doing her potty dance.  She had somehow managed to hold it the entire ride until we got to the parking lot of our destination.

We were so lucky with everything that we did.  We drove right up to the temple and found a car pulling out right across the street.  As we walked to the temple grounds we could hear the opening prayer being said and then we were able to find seats close to the hill.  The pageant started just as we sat down.  It was amazing to have everything just fall into place so that we could actually enjoy ourselves.

I loved seeing the kids get excited as their favorite characters came on stage.  I only wish that the group of teenagers behind us had been a little more mature.  We all know that the play can be a bit corny at times but when you have others around you (especially young children) that are trying to enjoy and learn it’s frustrating when they are laughing at all the parts that the kids think are cool.

I’m so glad that we chose to rent a room for the night ’cause we didn’t even geet out of the parking lot until 12:30 am.  It was past 1:00 am before we got back to the hotel and it was nice to get some rest before we headed back on the road.


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  1. How fun!! I love it when you get there just in time (especially with little kids!).

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