Family Ties

Today was such a great day!  I love coming to Salt Lake and being with all my extended family.  It gets to be so crazy around here with so many people around, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I remember the day that I brought Jared to my grandparents’ house to tell everyone that we were engaged.  All my aunts and uncles and cousins were there and Jared looked so overwhelmed.  Jared came from a very small family (his mother an only child and his father had one estranged brother).  He and his siblings were everything to each other so it came as quite the culture shock to have all these people hugging and kissing him and welcoming him to the family.  I think it took some getting used to, for him, having so many people coming and going and doing things with, but I think that, over the years, he has really grown to love the closeness and comfort that you can find in such a big family. 


We got to my grandparents’ place this morning but it only took a couple hours for everyone to show up.  My cousins have all gotten so big.  You forget that everyone else has to grow up as you grow up, it’s just WEIRD!!!

There was a bunch of food and tons of running around Grandpa’s beautiful yard.  We all had some birthday cake for Grandma who will be celebrating another year being 29!!!  I’m really glad that we would be able to be here for her birthday.

I’m afraid that we won’t get to see a whole lot of Grandma and Grandpa this trip.  They are always so busy working at the temple.  Grandpa is a sealer at the Salt Lake Temlpe.  He has been able to seal everyone of his grandchildren as they have found their eternal companions.  That is all but Jared and I.  It’s a bit unfortunate that we didn’t get that pleasure but it’s nice to know that the priesthood is just as strong with our sealer as it is with Grandpa.  It just would have been a nice touch to our love story!


The kids had so much fun with my counsins.  The big boys were great at getting them all wound up, and the younger ones were great companions.  A couple of my cousins are Benjamin’s age and they all palled around for most of the evening.

When it came time for bed of course no one wanted to have any of that.  Unfortunately, nature takes its course and ultimately takes over.  Poor little Joseph fell asleep while the party was still going on.   I love how his little bum was stuck in the air 🙂 .

Grandma and Grandpa’s ward starts at 9:00 tomorrow.  It will be nice to get them home and down for naps afterward.  I forgot our Sunday bag with all our little tricks for keeping the kids’ attention during sacrament meeting.  Hopefully a piece of paper and pencil will do the trick.


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