Emma’s 4!


Today my baby girl turns 4 ! ! !  It’s a surreal feeling each time one of my children have a birthday.  I do feel like I’m enjoying ever moment I have with them but then there are the moments like today when I realize that I’ve had Emma in my life for 4 years and then I don’t know when the time has flown by.

DSC_0211I have always liked to throw the kids some kind of celebration ON their birthday.  Since we had already done a little family gathering for her while we were up at the cabin in Zion’s, I thought we could invite a few friends over to swim and eat some cake with us.  It wasn’t a full on “friend party” but the couple families that we did invite had enough children to make it seem that way.

DSC_0214 DSC_0215

It was a fun day and it made it all the better to be able to enjoy it with friends.  I love that Emma’s  birthday is in the summer.  It makes it so easy to have a pool party- and with us having a pool it makes it that much easier!

People asked what kind of presents to get her and I told them that she was really into dress up.  I think it’s a phase that every little girl has to go through where they are very interested in poofy dresses, sequins, and satiny materials.  Thank heavens we eventually grow out of it, but even then I think some of that desire to wear sparkly jewelry and pretty things never leaves us.

IMG_0063This is what I found after I asked Emma to get changed into her jammies.  She played so hard, and had so much fun with her little friends.  I love this house and this area that we live in.  We have been blessed to be able to entertain such large groups of  friends and family and that makes for all the better memories in years to come.


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