Alabama or Bust!

LLM_2010Jared got home this weekend from Alabama.  He was gone for four whole days and I had to take all four of the kids to church by myself.  I also had to teach Relief Society and Emma had to give a talk in Primary.  I had to bring everything and everyone but the kitchen sink 🙂 !  I was really surprised when we made it to church 20 minutes before it started.  I thought that was a real accomplishment.

It was SOOOO wonderful to have him home again.  I take for granted coming home to me at the end of each work day.  He really helps keep my sanity.  I don’t know how single mothers do it.  I’m so glad that I’m able to stay home with my kids so that we don’t have to send them to a day care, but I’m really grateful for that little bit of down time when daddy comes home.  Welcome home, babe!!!


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