Picnic in the House

DSC_0019After the tattoos were scrubbed off and the kids were all dried off, we ordered some pizzas and had a picnic.

We have a kind of tradition, about once a week (or whenever I don’t feel particularly like cooking) we order pizza.  It’s WAY too hot to go outside and have a picnic so we lay out blankets on the family room floor and pick a movie to watch while we eat.  The minute I tell the kids that the pizza is on its way, they run up and grab blankets and lay them out.  It’s actually quite fun to watch them get everything ready and I have to say that I look forward to laying on the floor with them and eating pizza like a little kid again.

It was fun to have the Burts over and hang out all day.  The kids all get along so well and Jamie and I can always seem to make a conversation out of nothing.  It’s funny to see Jared and Chuck talk and see how very similar they are in both temperamentand personality.  It seems like every time we move to a new place there is a family that our whole family connects with a little more than others.  Those families we have been able to stay in contact with over the years and moves and all the changes that life has thrown our way.  It’s nice to see , even though we have no intention of moving in the near future, that we are able to make this special connection yet again.


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