DSC_0017Came back in from swimming and found Emma all dressed and cleaned up.  She said she was cold and had decided to go in and get warm.  I guess that was her way of achieving it.

She was bent over her lap- looking at something.  I came up to see what she was so intent on when I found that she had tattooed her name all over her legs!

I don’t get it.  She learned how to write her name just a few days ago and I find her writing her name all the time on those papers that Jared brought home for her.  It’s not like she writes anything else, it’s just “EMMA, EMMA, EMMA, EMMA” over and over again!

I guess I have to say at least she isn’t doing it to the walls and such.  I’ve heard stories of my Uncle Jim doing that to Grandma Combs’ place when he was little.  I guess it started off with him writing his name and then he got smart and started writing “STEELERS” on everything.  I’m guessing that they were his favorite team 🙂 .  Let’s just hope that she only stops at her skin and doesn’t branch out.


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