Girls’ Camp

Trissa is getting ready for girls’ camp next week.  One of the things she was supposed to do before they leave is make a flag for her group.  I’m still not quite sure what the theme is for camp but she said that her group is called “The Bluebird”.  She was supposed to draw a picture of a bluebird using a bunch of Sharpie markers.  I offered to help her and in an hour and a half we had a cute little birdie that we could imagine flying around chirping its’ sweet song!


I think it turned out so nice! Although, I am a little prejudice!  It has been so long since I’ve picked up a pencil and sketched out something.  It felt really good.

And did I mention that all of this was done with 6 Sharpie markers?


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One response to “Girls’ Camp

  1. Iclia Wilkinson

    Its a wonderful picture. !! Well done. That talent must run in the family… Gma ICU

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