Our FIRST First Day of School

This morning everyone was up bright and early, with their happy faces on, ready to take Benjamin to school for the very first time.

It was a pretty fast morning so I didn’t get to really sit down and have everything sink in until much later this afternoon.


Daddy went into work late this morning so that he could be with us as we all got ready and set out for school.


It’s really fun to look at this picture of Jared and Benjamin.  Surprisingly enough, Benjamin’s elementary school is named after Jared’s old High School principal.  Jared said it was a little weird to walk through the front door with that name across the front of it.





It was a beautiful morning for the first day of school!  We had enough time to go out front and water the flowers.  We had a bunch of extra time because we didn’t have to eat breakfast at home.  We were so excited to eat at the “Boo Hoo” breakfast that the school was holding right before school for the Kindergarteners and their families.


What a happy little camper, sitting in the back seat.  He didn’t even take off his backpack to climb in his seat and put his buckle on.  Talk about excited!


The other kids, all dressed up and ready for their first day of school, were excited to play on the playground with their big brother and his friends.


As the bell rang, Benjamin and all his classmates ran to their line where their backpacks were waiting for them.


You can see how ready and eager they are to get into their classroom.  I have a feeling that it will be a couple days before they get into really learning anything.  The cool thing is that his learning doesn’t end when he gets on the bus to come home.  That’s one of the good things about the fact that I can stay at home.  That, coupled with the fact that I did homeschooling for so long, it will make it so much easier to focus on little questions that he might come home with. 


And just like that, he’s off!  I hope he has a wonderful day and that he feels like he can come home and tell me about everything that he did.

Have a GRRRREAT day, sweetheart!  I’ll be waiting for you when you get home!


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