Siverish- Blueish

IMG_0068I don’t know where he and Emma get them from.  Jared and I, both, have dark brown eyes.  Brown is supposed to be a dominant gene, but two of my four children have these silvery- blue eyes.  Benjamin and Joseph both have hazel eyes, but that look different colors dependent on what color clothing they are wearing at the time.

Jacob is doing so well with eating solid foods.  He is growing so much, but it’s a good thing.  I have been making sure to enjoy this little guy (not take his babyhood for granted).  I’m so glad that he is learning and that he’s becoming more interesting to the kids.  It’s great when they can start interacting with one another.  The kids are going to be such great friends!!!  It almost makes up for all the craziness of having them so close together in age.


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