Cutie Pies

Four_Kids_2Today I picked up the kids’ pictures from Sam’s Club.  I could not have imagined a better set of pictures.  I was able to get an 11×14 of the shot to the left for free but then, of course, they threw a bunch of other shots at me of my cute kids.  Each of the kids ended up having individual pictures and then there were some of the boys.  After I picked all the shots that I wanted it was over $200.  I knew that wouldn’t fly!

I tried to be as diplomatic about it as possible and ended up just getting Emma’s picture to put in Jared’s office.  This way none of the boys could say “You have their picture but not mine”.  This way we can just say that we got Emma’s because she’s daddy’s little girl and leave it at that.  And it was too darn cute to leave behind!!!



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