Last Meal

IMG_0128Ah, tonight is my last night disabled!  It seems a little surreal that I’m having surgery tomorrow afternoon and that could very well come home and have improved vision.

I’m so ready to be rid of these  glasses.  I don’t really know what to expect though.  I’ve had to wear glasses, or contacts, for so long that I dont’ know what normal, naked eyes are supposed to feel like.

There is one thing that I’m going to really look forward to.  Over the past several years, there have always been times when the kids were so small that I couldn’t leave them alone, not even to take a shower.  They would always wait out the time while in the bouncer.  But always, without fail, they would cry or get upset while I was in the shower.  When I would open the door to check on them I would have to squint like crazy to be able to see that they were even still in the seat.  Most of the time I’d have to run out to them to make sure that I was seeing things right.  It will be so AMAZING to be able to see just by opening my eyes.  I am so excited!!!


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