I Can SEE!!!

Today I woke up, after several hours of required sleep, to the beautiful colors of the mountains outside my window.

Yesterday was a little crazy and I’ll recount what I can remember.  We dropped the kids off right after school (12:30 pm) and then Jared and I proceeded to the Dr. office.  We signed in at one o’clock and took some Valium to help with my nerves and help my eye muscles relax for the procedure.

They put several numbing drops in my eyes as they put in the restraint.  Then they tried to put the suction cup on my eyeball.  It was, by far, the most uncomfortable part of the whole process.  With the restraint holding your eye open as wide as possible, they place the suction directly over the iris and push it down so that your eye sticks out a little more than usual- making it easier for the lasers to do their magic!  They had a hard time getting the suction to stick since my eye muscles kept popping the seal.  After a couple attempts, they decided to send me back to the waiting room where they gave me another Valium and waited until it kicked in.

About 20 minutes later, they called me back in.  When I walked through the doors I guess I was giggling and the doctor’s laughed, saying, “Now you’re ready!  Much better!”

They put the suction on my eye (which cuts off some of the blood flow so that everything goes dark), wheeled me over to the lasers and had me hold completely still for 60 seconds while the lasers were going.  They pulled the suction off, covered my eye, and did the same thing with the other eye.

When they were done, they walked me to a recovery room where they check everything and gave me some prescription drops for me to use for the next month and a pair of goggles to wear every night for the next week so that no pressure is put on my eyes until they are completely healed.  Then they walked me out to Jared, who had the wonderful job of escorting me out to the car and making sure that I went straight to bed until the next morning.

It was 4:30 pm by the time we got home and I was mostly out of it.  I remember pulling up to the house but not much more than that.  When I woke up around 9:30 pm STARVED!!!  I was all groggy when I woke up, but I was lucid enough to remember what had happened just a few hours earlier.  I opened my eyes and found that everything was very blurry, and then I realized that I had my goggles on still.  I pulled them off and found that, even though it had only been 5 hours since my surgery, I could see very well.  It wasn’t perfect (it was like wearing a very old contact prescription) but it was better.  I grabbed a bite to eat and then went back to sleep until this morning.

I don’t know how to describe to you the amazing clarity of everything around me as I opened my eyes this morning.  For someone who has gone without seeing for themselves for most of their life it was a true miracle at what I beheld.  I spent the morning looking at my children, looking at everything outside, and the details of my house.

I had the unique opportunity to drive to my doctor’s appointment this morning as well.  Since I could see well enough the doc wanted to check out my incisions to make sure they were healing properly and that my eyes weren’t drying out.  While I was there, they measured my vision and gave me the staggering stats:

before the procedure: 20/200

after the procedure: 20/30

My eyesight is still not perfect but, as you can see, it has improved dramatically!  They say that my eyes will adjust and get better over the next month or two.  They expect that I’ll have perfect vision, if not better, by the end of the month.



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2 responses to “I Can SEE!!!

  1. Shelise

    Glad to hear things went well. I hate getting anything done to me that is even slightly uncomfortable and I am still nauseous just from reading about your experience. Seriously my stomach is doing flip flops and I feel really queasy. I am so glad for you though. I have never had to wear glasses so I can’t imagine what it would be like. I bet it will be weird seeing all the new details in your life.

  2. I’m glad that your surgery went well. I don’t know if I could go through with it. The whole suction thing makes my stomach turn. But glad that all is well.

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