Sitting Around

DSCN1578Jacob has been doing so much better with his sitting.  We’ve been practicing and I also borrowed a “BUMBO” from one of my friends.  I think it has helped a great deal.

With him sitting up better, I decided to give him a bath in the kitchen sink after dinner.  I kind of let him play with his food tonight since I knew he was going to get a bath.  Normally I feed him everything so that it saves me time later with cleaningRSCN1580 up,  but I thought it would do him more good to try and work on his hand eye coordination.

He had such a blast playing with the sprayer and chewing on some measuring spoons.  He was a little wobbly but I couldn’t tell if that was from his inability to sit on his own or if it was because the sink was wet and slippery 🙂 .  He sure has great looking eyes though!!!


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