Joseph’s 3rd Birthday PARTAAAAY!!!!!


Today, our family, and 19 other little children, celebrated Joseph’s 3rd birthday!  I wanted to throw him a Halloween birthday party last week, but with the Primary program practice last weekend we got a better turnout doing it today.


The party itself was quite easy, it was just all the prep work that went into the food that took most of the time.  We had mummy dogs, melon brains, snack-0-lanterns, monster blood (juice drinks), and spider cupcakes.  It would have been nice to be able to do a lot of this the night before, but I wasn’t sure it the orange cups would turn brown over night or if they would shrivel up like carved pumpkins do sometimes.

I made the cupcakes the night before, but iced them and put their little spiders on this morning.

The mummy dogs needed to be warm so that had to be done just before all the kids got to the house.

The hardest one (and now I know that I can do it the night before and then wrap it in cellophane) was the melon brains.  The recipe told me to peel the green rind off but to leave the white part of the rind on.  I was then to make all these little cuts that would make it look like a brain and then smooth out the sharp lines.  I only had time to make the cuts and not smooth it out, but I think the kids got the idea.  Next time, I’m going to cut all the rind off (white and green).  It will make it much easier to serve and eat.

When the kids got to the house, to waist some time as we waited until all the kids arrived, I had the kids decorate a pumpkin that they would take home at the end of the night.  I wanted to have them paint them, but then I rethought that idea when I realized how many kids would be coming.  Instead, I had them each decorate their pumpkin using styrofoam stickers.  The clean up was so easy and the kids loved that they could take them home at the end of the night.

We played a few games while we cleaned off the table to get ready for dinner.  There were bean bag tosses, limbo sticks, and monster mashing!!!

The kids ate their dinner, some were a little nervous about the melon brains but once some of the older kids ate it everyone seemed to ask for it 🙂 .

After dinner, some ghosts stopped by to let the kids know that they hid some surprises for the kids somewhere in the house.  They left little black cats around the house; if the kids followed the riddles, they would lead them to their surprise!

1. The day has been busy, I feel half-dead, I’m so very grateful for my ____.
2. Rhymes with slouch and you sit on it.
3. It’s like seeing a picture of myself, only backwards.
4. My letters are all out-of-order, you might use me to send a letter.
5. Scrape the scraps off all the plates, this machine cleans them all just great.
6. You solved the clues and in glory you’ll bask, it looks like you were up to the task!

After running all over the house and even a little outside, the kids ended up at the dishwasher where Joseph opened it up to find 20 different white lunch sacks with different ghost faces drawn on them.  Each kid got a goodie bag to take home with them.

While the kids were running everywhere during the scavenger hunt, we cleared up dinner and set the table for cupcakes.  We gave the kids a few minutes to look into their goodie bags and then we all sang Happy Birthday to Joseph!

I know, he’s not in his real Halloween costume.  By the time the kids started to arrive for the party I was still working on the food so I had him just get the first costume on that he could find.  The same thing for Emma and Benjamin.  We’ll have several chances to wear our OZ costumes next week, as it is.

I’m so glad that all these little kids were able to come and celebrate with us.  It was quite the party!

Nana stopped by after the party was over and enjoyed a cupcake with us for her birthday, which happened to be today!!!  I think she turned 51.  Not bad!

Good-night, baby boy!!!  You did good today!


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