Our First House Guest

This weekend Tata Jose came to visit.  He came to see my mom for her birthday, but with Grandma Combs and Gordon staying at her house to help her after her surgery there wasn’t enough room for him at their place.  So, we were lucky to have him stay at our place.

It was kind of funny because my mom kept telling me all the different things that Tata would need because of his poor eyesight, how late he sleeps in, how much water he uses because it takes him forever to get ready, how we’ll need to walk him up and down the steps so that he doesn’t fall, we should never leave him alone because he could fall and hurt himself, blah, blah, blah…

Once he was actually settled in and we had walked him through the house and pointed things out we didn’t have any problems at all.  The kids, and I, really enjoyed having him stay at our place.  He made life a little easier for me for a few days and life a little more interesting for the kids.

When he would play with my kids he would do things and sing songs that he would sing to me when I was young.  It kind of made me a little sad.  I mean, it’s great that he is able to enjoy my children, but with all the health issues that he has been going through and the fact that he has no vision in his left eye and about 35% of his vision left in his right eye, it just makes me sad that

he can’t see how beautiful my children are.  That he can’t see how their little faces light up when he jokes with them.  At least he still has his hearing and he can hear them cry out for him when they don’t want to do something that I ask them to do, he can hear them tell him how much they love him, and their attempts at singing his little songs.


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