Trunk or Treating

I loved doing this theme with my kids this year!  It just so happened that we had enough people to play the parts and they all looked so adorable!!!

The ward trunk-or-treat was much earlier in the month than it normally is.  I always love having other excuses to wear costumes other than the one night of Halloween.  It makes it all more worth while.

We had a pot luck with chili and homemade bread before the actual treating part of the night.  It ended up being the perfect thing because we had crazy 50 mph winds all day and evening which brought the temperature way down.

Even though the weather was less than ideal, all the kids were ecstatic about getting candy.  Come on, who wouldn’t be 🙂 !!!  Jacob was the funniest thing ever.  I don’t know if it was all the people around and the different characters and colors that he was enthralled with but he was smiling and happy all night long.  No amount of wind or cold could have changed that.  In fact, he learned how to pull himself into a more upright position in his stroller just so that he could see things better.


I think the highlight of my night was seeing the kids walking around with their arms all linked together.  We had watched The Wizard of Oz yesterday to kind of get them in the mood and they remembered that the group all links arms with Dorothy.  It was cute and it was a great way for me to keep track of where the kids were!


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