Our Pumpkins

DSC_0002Today we did a little pumpkin carving.  It’s only a day before Halloween but that’s how busy we’ve been.  It was almost to the point that we weren’t going to do them at all but we picked up a big one at the McKey Ranch.  Another factor was the weather.  It has been so warm lately that I didn’t want to leave the pumpkins out in the front because they would shrivel up too quickly from the heat.

Oh the joys of living in Vegas!!!

We did our pumpkins  a little different this year.  It was same, in the fact that Jared was our master creat-or :).  He made some great designs for our little pumpkin that Benjamin masterfully scooped out, but the design that won out the rest was our “Jac-ob-lantern” (it even had four front teeth just like the real Jacob does).

The big pumpkin, Jared layed it on it’s side and cut the hole in the back instead of on the top.  He then designed a cute little scared ghost face and then traced Joseph’s hands so that it appeared that the ghost was pulling a MacCaulay Culkin.

All in all, we ended up having more pumpkins than expected.  Once we compined the two carved pumpkins with the pumpkins the kids made at Joseph’s party the other night we had five lining our front walk.


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