Missionary Fever

The missionaries dropped by unexpectedly tonight.  They have been doing that at more frequent intervals lately.

I enjoy having the missionaries over at our house.  It’s great exposure for the kids, and it constantly reminds me of my little brother over in England.  I’m assuming that the missionaries enjoy being at our house too or else I can’t figure out why they keep coming over 🙂 .

I guess I should take that as a compliment or something along those lines 😀 !!!

I must say, though, that the missionaries bring out the best in my children!  For those of you who couldn’t hear that over the internet waves, that was sarcasm at its finest!



It must be some sort of switch that was installed by Heavenly Father to say “Let’s see what they do with this!”  That switch is activated the minute the missionaries are within earshot of my children.  They loose all sense of decorum, sometimes running around in nothing but a shirt because the switch has disabled all potty training skills leaving them with no pants or underwear!  Of course, the minute I try to fix that problem they think it’s so funny to run around exposing the situation to further observation.

Then there’s the case of little girls crushing on missionaries!  Our daughter has had a couple major crushes on some of the missionaries that have made their way through this area.  Her current missionary of choice is Elder Cullum.  She absolutely loves it when he reads to her.  She brings down the most girly,  pinkest, and most sparkly books she can find because she knows he will read them to her.  The funny thing is that he is all for it!  He comes from a family of all boys and loves the idea of having a little sister.  I figure if he likes it and it gets Emma’s attention during the discussions then I’m all for it.  Anyway, there’s more than a 15 year difference between the two of them so I think I’m safe to say that he won’t crush her little heart when he leaves, even if she is attached to him!


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